‘Tis a strange word, literally translates as “love of children” but finds expression in the violation of their bodily integrity by adults combining their lust for sex with the lust lust for power.

The U.S, is indeed peculiar in defining children and youths as chattel, the property of their parents and the erroneous belief that ownership result in careful and productive use. The same principle justified the distribution of conquered lands to households to make them productive, ignoring the fact that the owners, having depleted the natural resources, would just move on to exploit elsewhere. The European invaders were/are a predatory species.

Does it start at home? The leader oc Chechneya has eight children and is getting ready to send three to fight in Ukraine. Is the assertion of male hegemony what is propelling the invasion of the female friendly Ukraine? Is that the unseen and unrecognized cause of conflict, matrilineal vs. patrilineal societies?

The language is difficult. Children which are perceived as sex objects are referred to as “sexualized,” as if the perceiver is entitled to define what is perceived. That’s deceptive. “Pedophile” is also deceptive. So, is deception a sine qua non of exploitation (evil)? Is deception an effort to disguise evil or the essence of evil itself?