We do not celebrate. I dislike celebrations; always have. The rise of celebrities makes it even worse. Show-offs. Thank Donald, who has made it OK to dis them.

Donald can also be thanked for forcing the judiciary ro assert itself in the contest with the executive. Shielded by his extortionisl lawyers, Donald never recognized the judges authoritarian streak. also the habit of stringing miscreants along until lowering the boom.

Poor Donald has spent a life-time getting suckered. Now the evangelicals are whining that they got used.

I am waiting for the emoluments clause to surface in Justice department filings. Self-dealing is so much easier to prove when it can be quantified in monetary terms. Perhaps his exaggerated valuations served to disguise petty thefts. “Why would such a rich man cheat on his taxes?”

Criming in public is a special delight.