Publicity Seeking

The problem of publicity seeking, doing things for show, is that the “rewards” of success and failure are about the same and failure is both easier and more certain. So, we have the World Cup Games of soccer in Qatar, much as we hadthe winter Olympics in Sochi. The world was not long impressed.

Another thought: the dilution solution illusion
That is not just true in regards to pollution. Dilution segregates particles but it does not deal with the essence. Coalescence lurks.

Also, to what extent is the pay off an exercise in good riddance? Do people buy to rid themselves of coercive advertising?. Subconscious coercion. How to resist it? By buying and discarding? Doesthat account for much of the trash in our communities?

American illusions: that the market is driven by demand; that abortion is subject to demand; that servants are leaders; that money is wealth

What is the difference between a figment of the imagination, an illusion and a delusion? Consciousness.