Mutual admiration vs. mutual absolution

Admiration and absolution are binaries whose results are much the same–bonding, a process thatis very important to males. The need to form attachments is, ofcourse, critical to the establishment of societies.

Which is more potent, admiration or absolution? I suggest the latter, if only because absolution usually involves the forgive ness of injury to someone else. So, the effect is greater. Which leads to the question whether social organization depends on the subjugation/punishment/injury to another. Can men bond if they do not have a common enemy or victim?

I viewed one of the sports stadia constructed by imported slaves in Doha, Qatar to accommodate FIFA. The spectators at a night-time image on Google Earth were all male.

Which raises the question whether females accept segregation and subordination as a kind of “there, but for the grace of god, go I” response. Is targeted abuse a central component of society as a cost-free glue? How did male celibacy become a feature of the Roman Catholic priesthood?