What’s the matter with SCOTUS?

The SCOTUS is supposed to ride herd on the POTUS and Congress. Instead, it got arrogated to serve the interests of corporate and financial enterprise, even as those were relied on to control the people, who govern, indirectly. Government by the people was never accepted by the elected and appointed bureaucracy. The concept as tolerated as long as “the people” was an exclusive body made up mostly for males.

Now that we have a female VP, 124 females in the House, 24 in the Senate, 12 governors and countless judges, the male hegemony feels threatened. Note there are now 4 women on the SCOTUS. If Thomas needs to retire, there will be an opportunity for a female majority. The autonomy of the female is a fundamental issue and not just in the USA. The Catholc Church is a champion of male hegemony. The priestly abuse of children is central to maintaining control. Shame and sin associated with bodily functions are powerful levers of control. How many children are abused is kept secret by the judicial system.

The pedophile conspiracy does have a basis in fact. While we decry that Native children were removed from their parents “for their own good,” the practice continues more equitably for the half milion children taken by CPS every year. It is difficult to get this abuse exposed, much as it is spying exposed because of the shield of confidentiality. Who is going to agitate for the rights of the child?