Example of a public scam?

In August of 2020, Congress passed the Great American Outdoor Act and earned enthusiastic support from the RV Industry. What was not widely publicized was that the money was to come from 50% of energy development miscellaneous revenues, not even regular income from oil and mineral leases.

Of course the RV people were enthusiastic since “infrastructure” was defined as construction and “transportation” encompasses roads, trails, tunnels and parking lots. Most interesting, if Congress does not include this funding in its budget, the President can expend the funds on his own say so. The GAO does not have to report until 2025.

It seems this legislation was preceded by a pilot project in Georgia. Makes sense. Georgia has a host of public recreation facilities that support the “industry.” Why has it proved so advantageous to maintain the fiction that there is no connection between private and public enterprise. Why are these facilities not admitted as being socialist?


It seems sort of ironic that the lack of recognition of the person Leads to the adulation of personalities–outsizes individuals to wrangle the groupists? Which means that the groups are not coherent and self-directed, either. So, the failure to respect the individual leads to social instability.

As usual, I wish I could diagram the dynamics of the situation. Disrespect for the individual negates social cohesion. Which, at a minimum suggests that there is no inherent conflict between the individual and the group. There need be no coercion. if there is coercion, it is because the group is misinformed. So, how does that happen? TRADITION.

What possessed humans to believe that they are born sinful? Ignorant male thinking.