SCOTUS chastises Lindsey Graham, a Senator

Y’all keep forgetiing that the SCOTUS was set up to serve as a check on OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIALS to indirectly preserve individual rghts. The Constitution does not grant individual rights.

Officials are tasked with duties and obligations and the powers to carry them out. Property ownership is to be protected (including the ownership of people) and trade and exchange are regulated to provide revenue for the government. Human rights are not mentioned, but their existence is acknowledged.

Now, the creation of subsidiary non-governmental corporations has been used as an excuse to extend legislative powers over non-commercial activities such as education. However, the extent of the regulation is questionable. Citizens united upheld restrictions on political donations by corporations. Restricting individual contributions is contrary to the Constitution.

However, the issue is becoming irrelevant as individuals are taking over selecting their own representatives. Government by the people is just taking off.