Blanket Time?

Has it arrived? Overnight temps are now in the sixties. Such a relief!

In reading up on Manafort and McCain and Rick Davis, whose connections go back to Richard Nixon, I realize that neither Republicans nor Democrats have any interest in the people governing. So, they have organized self-selected factions which seek to exert influence with the assistance of the press.

The result is an unholy trinity united in their antipathy to humanity. Why? Because if the people governm the press and parties (factions) will be powerless. But, there is a problem. How do those who abjure power wrest power from those who lust for it and plan to capture it? How do the powerless counter the powerful?

Paul Manafort is now going around spouting that Trump was necessary to end corruption in D.C. Is that supposed to be an example of fighting fire with fire?

Learned a new phrase “provoking reaction,” and I realize that is what I really resent about sales pitches and politicians bleating for donations. What makes them think that bleating like lost sheep makes them effective?

Was it common to teach parents that encouraging children to while was OK? I always figured it they make a lot of noise, they are OK. It is when children fall silent that one has to worry.