Waiting for Ian

For now it looks like the hurricane will make landfall in the south of Florida and exit before Georgia. But it may turn back in. Night time temp has dropped to 70°

News “analysts” are suggesting that the “annexation” of the Ukrainian areas by Putin is designed to validate that Russia is threatened and that would justify the use of nuclear weapons. The more practical explanation is that the mobilization and conscription of the general population can only be justified if the territory of Russia is under attack. It is unlikely to be a motivator, but if resisters are to be effectively arrested and sent to prison, the co-operation of the judiciary will be necessary. I do find it curious that dictators always find it necessary to create a legal smoke screen for their immoral and antisocial acts. The illusion of probity. What purpose does it serve? Is it required to overcome a natural sense of revulsion?

Occasionally we see reciprocity in other species. Does that mean that the rudiments of moral/social behavior are embedded in the DNA? If so, then we might speculate that immorality is induced.

1:30 PM occasional gusts of wind

September 29 at 3:00 AM no wind or rain