Dahlia Lithwick’s “Lady Justice”

Listened to an Al Franken podcast with Dahlia Lithwick and got introduced to Pauli Murray, an early civil eights activist. The Wikipedia entry focuses quite extensively on Murray’s apparent gender confusion. She was successful in getting gender included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but, as I would call typical, her role as a woman is downplayed in favor of her race and ambiguous gender identity. That the resistance to equality for women has been a constant motivator for half a century is still being ignored. Would we have to agitate for supremacy to get equality or, at least, free ourselves of repression?

Things I did today:
Got gas for the car in case the hurricane arrives
made bread pudding out of left-over pumpernickle
fed the birds and the fish
monitored the internet, including an analysis of the agenda in Ukraine. Personally, I think that letting Russia foment dissent in Donbas and Donetsk, in addition to Crimea, Putin got suckered.