It has occurred to me and I am fairly convinced that the overt antagonism towards brown/black/foreign people is a cover for the real issue, antagonism towards female authority. Given that Christianity, Islam and Protestantism and other “improved variants of monotheistic religions are all patriarchal, I was led to wonder whether about the attitude of Judaism towards woen.

The first article I found boldly asserts that Judaism is patriarchal and then goes on to explain that the inheritance of the religion is matrilineal. Might that suggest that the “improvement” and perhaps even the forced relocations (the wandering Jew is, of course, blamed for its history of transit around the globe, is/was actually prompted by the unmentionable primacy of women?

Much antagonism towards African Americans has been prompted during the last fifty years by the uppity behavior of black females, identified by their skin color. But, from where I sit, the objection has actually been directed towards all women who failed to submit to male hegemony. Now the male hegemonists are clustered in the Republican party and their shrinking number has sparked desperation.

The commitment to male hegemony is not restricted to males. People like Ginni Thomas and Michele Bachman are evidence. Male hegemony is like authoritarianism, or even Jewish patriarchy, a faux status that relieves a segment of the population of responsibility. Instead of being queen for a day, males are gifted with a permanent elevated status, perhaps to compensate for the fact that they have no genetic permanence.

Did Christ intend to assert male dominance once and for all? What is the role of the virgin birth? Are we to conclude that biological paternity is insignificant when the male spirit rules? Or was Christ intent on making female virtues look male?

Is the antagonism towards women a cultural artifact, designed by males to gain some sort of automatic advantage and compensate for a sense of insecurity that is itself culturally invented?

Why is Joe Biden being characterized as weak? Because he selected a female VP.