Robert Reich wants an explanation

from Republicans about their supremacist inclinations. The short answeris that much of the male population never subscribed to democracy or equality.

Reich is part of the problem to the extent that he believes agents of government have powers beyond those required to carry out duties. Imagine the cook in a restaurant who has the power to set the menu and put the chicken in the stew pot, claiming to decide who in his village gets to eat. That is what some of our public servamnts are about. They do not know their place.

The Center for a sustainable coast aslo wants an explanation. I offer:

In the beginning (1787), the newly created governmental federation (corporation) relied on the leasing and sale of lands and natural resources and taxes on trade to fund governmental operations. At that time currency was scarce because the minerals from which it was made were relatively scarce. Towards the end of the nineteenth century there was a demand that the u.s. issue paper currency whose value was based on the good faith and credit of the citizenry. Before the civil war, there was no federal monopoly on the issuance of currency and the first action of the Confederacy was to issue its own paper currency. After the Civil War the federal government set up a monopoly still tied to gold until Richard Nixon severed the connection in 1971 and set off inflation that took more than a decade to tamp down. Much as slavery was used to distort the conduct and consequences of the Civil War, Watergate served to swamp understanding of the civil rights revolution, including the fact that Congress continued to legislate as if the termination of the gold standard and the expansion of the supply of currency had never happened. Similarly, Congress continues the long tradition of rewarding supporters by distributing natural resources, above and below ground as if the supply were infinite, when, in fact, only the supply of paper and electronic currency is infinite. Why? Because Congress has come to rely on the corporate beneficiaries of their munificence to insure their longevity in office. So, they are still acting as if it were 1787. TRADITION!