Indulging Magalomania

What is the function of the syllable ‘lo’ in that word? Given the explanations of the Greek source, I think it is fair to conclude that the syllable serves to associate dimension or size with the location (brain, city) of that characteristic. I also think the exchange of an ‘a’ for an ‘e’ is insignificant.

More to the point is why the obvious magalomaniac Donald Trump has been so readily indulged by supposedly rational people. Dictionary definitions suggest that the mania is a quest for power. Is that what those who indulge Trump are after, the potency of the POTUS?

For the longest time, I thought the term POTUS was being deployed ironically. However, given the frequency with which democrats refer to power in connection with the presidency or any public office, it seems that the application of just enough force to accomplish assigned duties and obligations.

In the dictionary, indulgence is prominently associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the sale of indulgences during the Middle Ages is identified as abuse, thereby suggesting that the monetization is to be deplored. In fact, of course, it is the presumption associated with claiming the power to absolve a person of guilt for wrong doing which should be deplored. Why? Because exculpatory after-the-fact participation in bad behavior serves to justify the bad behavior.

Retroactive and surrogate bad behavior. Is that not what those who would sentence a victim of rape to carrying the fetus to term are engaged in? Is not their message to the rapist “good job but, next time, don’t get caught”? Where is it written that a compliance failure is a call for force?

Is the link between indulgence and bad behavior inescapable? Perhaps. Because to indulge is to assert a claim to authority for which there is no moral basis. Forgiving or indulging sin is equally immoral. Responding to a complaint of injury is in a different category entirely.

So, wherefore indulge the magalomaniac? To share indirectly in a presumptuous and false claim to power via surrogate bad behavior.

What’s on the MAGA MENU? Surrogate bad behavior.