Slumming via Youtube

We do not have a TV. Have not had one since 2003. Apparently, the nerworks are transitioning to the web by uploading segments of their daily offerings to Youtube and, when one checks out one offering, youtube suggests similars.

Mostly, I have browsed MSNBC for coverage of current events. But the system sneaks in ABC and CNN and an occasional PBS offering. It is my sense that these three tend to focus on aberrant human behavior to generate suspicion of neighbors and spread fear. Fear mongering; it’s not just a Republican thing.

On the other hand, fear may well be endemic to the business model. Scaring people may be a prime mover to promote exploration, export, purchase and sales. Which raises the question whether Christianity merely provides a gloss to extortion. First comes the threat; then comes the buy-in and finally, after all is said and done, the eternal reward.

If that is the paradigm, then commerce is simply organized exploitation. And exploitation serves to sustain individuals whose practical competence is nil. Exploitation facilitates the multiplication of the dumb.

Are the dumb mostly male or is it even?