Hegemonic masculinity

I was wondering where it came from. The author of this essay suggests that it is inculcated or learned, but that does not tell us where it came from. The essay is mostly about very traditionaal Jews, about which I know little.

However, the author’s translation of Eigensinn as either “stubbornnes” or “with a will of their own” is a point of disagreement for me. Granted, Eigensinn is perceived as stubborness by individuals who have little or no self-awareness and do not recognize the legitimacy of another’s self-interest. In other words, Eigensinn is perceived as an affront by the authoritarian. There is a negative moral judgement associated with an individual just doing his own thing. Perhaps that is the central tenet of the culture of compliance. If so, then hegemonic masculinity is just one example.

Haredi masculinity, in this telling, seems somewhat fixated on controling the “evil urge.” Why is participating in reproduction categorized as a negative? Is the Virgin birth not about the virgin but about the absence of the male progenitor. Why is the male role in procreation denied? That is a contemporary question in the so-called abortion debate. Why is male participation denied/overlooked? Ah, another one of the things left out!

Can we conclude that the culture of obedience, which demands comliance, is really nothing more than excuse for violence? I am loathe to say it, but “kommst Du nicht willig, dann brauch ich Gewalt,” is the essence. So then voluntary compliance foils the plot. Voluntary compliance undermines the cult, which becomes more and more irrational until it self-destructs.

So, are these isolated communities created to satisfy the psychological addiction to power? Are the participants willing endurers of deprivation and hardship for the fleeting pleasure of control? Does that explain why authoritarian societies end up being poor? Most of their energy goes into complianc. The culture of compliance depresses creativity. Because coerced compliance is unnatural.

So, basically, hegemonic masculinity among the Haredi Jews is a materialistic regimen focused on the bodily behaviors of men, like a harness controlling a horse, which the rider admittedly enjoys, while the culture of compliance pretends the restraint is for the individual’s own good. Well, and it is because, if the individual is non-compliant, then he will be punished.

‘Tis a devilish system. And I am sorry to be coming back to the same conclusion. It is what my brain does.