Supremacy vs. Democracy

In the U.S., if one is looking for unchallenged power, there is only one venue left where it is to be found. The temporary supremacy that was to be achieved by limiting the executive to two terms that are not likely to be terminated prematurely because of overreach (as evidenced by Nixon, the Bushes and Clinton) and the negation of the unitary executive by the SCOTUS decisions, makes the Department of Justice with its absolute immunity “it.”

So, it is no wonder that Bill Barr, the life-long proponent of the imperial POTUS, the secular equivalent of the Pope, volunteered to take the helm after Jeff Sessions gave up. Oddly, the inability of the DoJ to successfully defend the Executive’s overreach served to solidify the autonomy of the prosecutor. Ditto for the failure of the Executive’s manipulative efforts that are currently being revealed. Bill Barr as the force that restrained Trump from his worst instincts is supposed to bolster the impression that the autonomy of the prosecutor is deserved. If there can be no king, then the High Lord Executioner will have to do.

Michael Cohen is the epitome for “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Or, shall we consider the DoJ a nest of vipers?