Mississippi TANIF scandal

The story is that TANIF dollars were diverted to inspiring speeches and a volley ball arena by Mississippi Republican officials. So, I provide some context.

We need to understand that, from the beginning, the corporation that was designed by the founders and described in the Constitution had two purposes: to protect property and to generate income from commercial activity. Lands stolen or taken by force from the natives was to be leased or sold to provide income for the new nation. The commerce clause was intended to insure that states would not interfere with the generation of income. One of the main consequences of the Civil War, which is hardly discussed, is that the federal corporation secured a monopoly over the issuance of currency and Congress is the distributor. What happened in response to universal suffrage was that Congress determined to use the currency to control the electorate via the economy. So, instead of distributing currency on a per capita basis, “privatization” inserted corporate entities which Congress critters could reward or penalize with contracts, depending on their retention in office. Biden knows the system well and that is why he has been engineering its dismantling. Republicans are behaving like the Unjust Steward rewarding his friends when he knows he is about to be fired.

The people governing was never implemented and certainly not desired by the ruling males. I did not realize that until I reread the speeches of Josiah T. Walls, the Negro ex-soldier elected as the first Congressman from the Stat of Florida. The “am I not a man” theme was strong with him and, to my mind, threw a whole new light on why the freedmen rushed to have their marriages recorded as soon as they could. They were intent on securing their property. Family values = property rights. That very person born in the U.S. is consequently born a slave has been and still is ignored. It does explain how come child trafficking is a contemporary crime.

‘Tis a shameful situation. How does one respond to injustice of which one was previously unaware?