In addition to the attitude of disdain with which the press and the pundits consider the electorate, I was thinking yesterday of alternative language to describe the people, who govern, as well as the system in which they operate –i.e. democracy.

Coincidentally, I heard on the news that the GOP/MAGA crowd are not only antagonistic to the principle of democracy, but the word itself. So, we are on the same page. I can see why “democracy” irritates them. It is a foreign word they do not understand. “Republic” is more comprehensible because “public” is familiar and prefixes, like pronouns and prepositions, are easy to ignore.

I actually think that the cavalier attitude towards parts of speech is indication of some cognitive deficits related to the perception of time, space and sequence. So, for example, Donald Trump cannot follow orders because he does not recognize order, the actual sequence of events. (I would even suggest that the response to the Capitol riot was lax because law enforcement anticipated it would fail. Also telling is that the two people who died on the spot were instinct-driven out-of-place women).

Anyway, if “democracy” won’t do and “government by the people” is too long, “citizenry” seems to be just right. Citizenry not only identifies the agents but, like surgery, the function or role that is being carried out. So, it is an actual descriptor, not intentional or abstract.

Why the instinct-driven fixate on abstractions like “nation,” “America” or property and personality is a bit of a puzzle. Is the ancient brain incapable of perceiving objective/tangible reality? Are abstractions in a category similar to hormone-derived emotions? Is the other just an impression? Is that what accounts for the centrality of ownership? If I think it, I own it? It is mine. Acquisition is a process and does not register in the instinct-driven brain.

How did you get to be President? I won.
If there is no perception of process, then the brain exists in an ineffable present state. How many humans are in that state? Is it a consequence of development interrupted or an endemic deficit?


Oh, I almost forgot. What we are seeing in 2022 Is the citizenry coming into its own, being born, so to speak, and experiencing a difficult birth. Perhaps what came before has something to do with it. Because if civic rule is just being born, then the predecessors might well be considered as phantom pregnancies, the “Dreams” propounded primarily by males who, to be honest, were never inclined to share authority with the females of the species, regardless of their skin clor.

Also in the news today was a reference to Strom Thermond, whose retirement from the Senate paved the way for Lindsey Graham, whose perfidy may well turn out to be unmatched in American history. But, in remembering Thurmond it was noted that him harboring a black daughter whom he never acknowledged while he was alive was evidence of hypocrisy given his opposition to civil rights for black people.

To which I would argue,”not so.” Thurmond was not a racist; he was a male hegemonist.