Personality, Celebrity, Materialist, etc

Are those what the culture creates to substitute for the recognition and respect for the real person–artificial entities into which we transition, at age 18, from the status of chattel to student, trainee or a pre-professional harness.

I have a friend who used to complain of “wage slaves,” ostensibly because he perceived that wages for hourly work are not high enough to compensate the labor, wear and tear and expected reproductive effort. I do not think he was referring to the demeaning, insulting conditions associated with employment.

I had a taste of it and determined that I was a poor employee, not suited to be harnessed. I suspect my daughter is the same. So, females can find independence in the household?

Demanding that they reproduce is an effort to impose a harness they are determined to escape. The issue in coerced reproduction is not the potential spawn, but the coercion of the female.

Pro-liberty vs. pro-life. Life without liberty is not a life. Liberty is a Lady.