Christian nationalism, etc

So, what christian nationalism, national socialism, godless communism and simple authoritarianism have in common is that the reality and importance of people, natural persons, is denied. “America first” is another example.

What it boils down to is that an idea, an intellectual construct, takes precedence over the person who dues the actual thinking. Intent counts for more than action.

Where does this come from? While Plato is credited with being the first idealist, man’s impression with his cognitive poers is likely an inevitable consequence of having an idea or desire and achieving the imagined in practice. Pride. How can one not be gladdened by achieving what one planned? “First comes the idea,” assigns creation to what happens in one’s brain. However, concluding that the only ideas (intellect) are important is wrong. Discounting material reality is not only a fallacy, but dangerous. An idea may well account for the destruction of the human species.

I think one has to ask if the Christian elevation of the after-life (spirit) over physical reality is not responsible for the careless pursuit of ideas and the ideal. I used to think “ideal” referred to the perfect example of some material thing or activity and then I learned that idealists are people who are convinced that only ideas are important. Real people and the material world are disposable. Wholesale murder is acceptable when justified by an idea like democracy or salvation. In other words, from the beginning, the christian promise of eternal life has justified the killing of unbelievers.

What we are seeing now is that the decline in the number of christians has prompted a sense of desperation and a desire to use the powers of the state to coerce submission. Will it succeed? Not likely. Their numbers are too few and male hegemony is too burdensome. LOL