Had I known……

I’m thinking that had I known at 16 what I know now about the U.S. I would have opted to stay in Germany because this country is really an embarrassment. Of course, I came back from my visit with my father because I had promised my mother and I keep my word.

At sixreen I was two years from discovering segregation of some people from normal pursuits as a matter of law. The official inequity turned me into a sort of social campaigner. I found a soul-mate and he made it possible for me to boycott the system, so to speak. I had no personal ambition except to be free.

How many people check out and spend a life time treading water–not waiting for rescue but just to survive and deprive the culture of its hegemony as long as possible.

No, I do not belong to the culture of obedience. If I am compliant, it iis not because I have submitted, but because it does not occur to me to take liberties.

What I do know from experience is that the repression is not triggered by the victims; it arises from a predatory malevolence that has been sublimated and, at best, shows up as hypocrisy.

What kind of a creature turns on its own kind? Yesterday I was watching a presentation of some hominid remains discovered in new caves in South Africa. The cache includes almost whole skeletons and many jaws full of teeth. The presented made the point that the maturity of the creature could be told by the extent to which the canine teeth had erupted–not fully in youths who were not mature enough to “fight.” He spoke as if intra-species conflict is normal. It’s what he has been taught. The presumption of aggression justifies domination.

So, shall we blame an excess of male testosterone for the aggression that propels authoritarians? Is aggression a barely restrained default, like thievery? If we can blame the hormones is it “natural?” Is a hormonal imbalance the result of a difficult birth?