The Michael Cohen Experience

What we shoukd learn from it.

In an abusive relationship, the victim is unable to help himself without causing more injury to the self. The psyche, in the interest of self preservation clings to the hope of being able to effect change by being obedient to the abuser. If the psyche is not protected, the person might as well self-destruct. This is why abuse requires an intervention by a third party. That is what prison did for cohen.. However, interventions should come sooner. Abuse needs to be recognized as a more serious crime. This is difficult in a legal system that does not recognize the rights of the natural person.

Excluding natural rights from the legal system was imperative if the law was not to be inconsistent. If natural rights were incorporated, the ownership of humans woukd have had to be declared illegal. Instead, what we have almost 250 years later is that all those born within the Constitution’s jurisdiction are born slaves.

In all other nations children are born free. How’s that for equality? The genesis of this reality? The male psyche.