Endemic versus enforced

I think those are apt distinctions with which to characterize incompetence and intimidation, both of which account for aurhoritarian behavior. A competent person does not pretend to authority he does not possess.

This is a thought I am adding on a later date just because I want to make a note.

It occurs to me to wonder whether “crediting” God with positive human behavior is just part and parcel of the pattern of depersonalization. Do humans have to be reduced to objects in order to rationalize their sale and ownership? What do the aborted sacrifice of Isaac and the completed sacrifice of Jesus tell us about the relationship between fathers and sons? Although males cannot reproduce themselves, they can claim ownership of the progeny? So, is Christianity an ideology that sanctions the ownership of humans by their own kind. Is infant baptism designed to validate (certify) that claim? Is the designation of children of god designed to disguise that the individual person properly belongs to someone else. Does this designation as property justify parental exploitation of humans that are just on loan?

Can we conclude that the mercenary behavior of christian establishments of religion is a feature, not an aberration; that commerce is endemic to christianity and that is what EuroAmericans imported into the Americas? Can we conclude that christianity as it has evolved is evil because it denies the autonomy of the individual person? Of course if the natural person is defined as evil, then the denial of his nature would result in good. That is not what the Constitution presumes, but fails to make explicit. But, the exclusion of establishments of religion provides a clue that religion, especially the imported kind, was perceived as antagonistic to the general welfare.

The effort by christian religious sects and Republicans to make common cause are a desperate response to their obvious loss of influence. Will the reliance on male hegemony make a difference? I doubt it. It is my sense that a lot of effort went into male intimidation and modern parents prefer to spend their energy on something else.