Do I feel censored on Facebook? I do not know how else to explain the sudden disappearance of posts in the middle of my composing them. I do not think the sudden refreshing of the page is triggered by a timer. Nor am I aware of particular words prompting the erasure. Of course, it is partly my own failt because I cannot always remember what I have just written.

Anyway, today’s sensitive topis involved the hypothesis that it may be impossible for a devout Cathilic to pledge allegiance to the Constitution, not because of the commitment to the supremacy of the Pope, but because the presumption that all men are born sinful conflicts with the presumption of probity–that the natural man is good.

That all men are sinful is a necessary presumption, if they are to be ruled and made good. Or, as Christianity promises, “saved .” And that is not the whole problem. If man is naturally sinful, then to prove a crime that deserves to be restrained, there has to be a finding of intenet. Only knowing persons can commit a crime and the habitual offender gets a pass, if he just subordinates himself and admits the guilt of having caused injury, albeit unintentionally.

So, why do we have so many sitting in prison while the perpatrators of mayhem are running free? Because their intentions have not been proved.

What seems strange is that despite all the attention on victims, the actual injury to persons is not determinative of what to do about the perp. Is that just because persons are not the focus of the legal system? Property, that which is owned, is.