Crotchty man.

Dear Cap:

To what “continued indecency” do you refer in your message below? Do you mean my gloss on your unwarranted imperative command that I “Have a good day”?

It’s bad enough when cashiers at Harris Teeter and elsewhere order me and everyone else to “have a nice day” or “enjoy the rest of your day”. But they are told to do that by their supervisors.

Who told you that you must order me to have any kind of day?

And what earlier alleged indecencies have I committed? Are you referring to my characterization of something you said at one of your dreadful town halls months ago as “bullshit”? That’s merely a mild vulgarity.

Please, sir, unless you have credible evidence of my “continued indecency”, let us end this tiresome exchange. (That’s a request, not a command.)


PS: I recommend that you and your colleagues change the name of the county’s “Customer Service” department. We tax payers and voters and other residents are not “customers”. We are the employers of county employees. We are not here to be “serviced” like a herd of heifers and cows by a bull.