Gangster Mentality

Where does it come from? What proppells mostly human males to engage in group aggression? Self-defense, a requirement in a culture of coerced obedience. And what makes coercion so attractive? The perception od persistent effortless sustenance.

That’s my reaction to the story of a Texas deputy arresting 46 people for selling drugs without having to provide any evidence. So, because all the arrestees are black, the incident is reported and discussed as a racist act by one deranged person while the complicity of the system is overlooked. A bureaucratic system is obviously just a more sophisticated version of the gangster mentality.

Now, the question is whether the mercantile mentality is also a variant of ganging up to exploit one’s own kind, another sophisticated version of the hunting group. Since gathering edibles is obviously sufficient to sustain humans, does forming up groups for the hunt serve a larger socializing purpose?

Sometimes it is argued that agriculture promoted civilization. But what if groupism actually evolved from hunting larger and more powerful species which the lone human was afraid to confront? If so, can we conclude that gangs are a response to fear?