Abusers coming out of the shadows.

Male hegemony is what it’s been about from the start. Now “the Ladies” have had enough.

Help for the troops poisoned in our wars has finally been approved.
My comment:
Yes, but people also have to understand that Congress is in charge of the currency and the quantity of currency issued by the Treasury is potentially unlimited. The annual dance around who’s going to pay for the dollars in the budget is a gimmick invented by Congress to deny its responsibility. The hardships imposed on various segments of the population serve only one purpose–to make the denizens of Capitol Hill feel potent. Trump correctly identified the locus of problems; that he failed to correct them was because he wanted the power/potency for himself. Of course, Republicans have been selling potency for themselves and the POTUS in the executive branch for decades and the impoverishment of 98% of the population is the result. Men would argue and some are doing just that–that it is all the women’s fault. MAGA is actually short for “Father Knows Best” even when he is beating the mom and kids. Just ask J.D. Vance, candidate for the Senate in Ohio. I’m inclined that the male hegemonists coming out of the closet is a sign of their desperation and about time.