Christian, Conservative, Nationalist, Capitalist

Those terms are all code for COMMERCIAL. Why is it necessary to refer to a world-wide activity in code? Why is commerce an unmentionable except as a designation for clever verbal and pictorial propaganda?

What is free enterprise but the driver of commerce? Why was it necessary to introduce the propaganda into the elementary curriculum of an exclusive Catholic school? If an activity is obviously beneficial, why resort to propaganda?

In 1953, the topic of the chamber of commerce essay contest for elementary schools was “How free enterprise has helped to make America great.” From a functional perspective, free enterprise is the act of reaching in to grab something while giving nothing in return. In 2016 one might recall the “pussy grabber ” and wonder why anyone would bother. (Turns out that assgrabbery” is slang for incompetence).

Certainly the capture of Africans was a stellar example of free enterprise and then commerce provided more than a gloss of legitimacy. Can we say that the main object of commerce is to legalize theft?

It is not money that is the problem; it is the act of making theft legal by paying for it with money–perpetrating a cover-up. So, on January 7, 2021, Donald Trump told the rioters at the Capito “you will pay.” In his mind, money is a cover for any- and every thing. Currency is the universal solvent, turning crime into commerce.

So, where do the christians come in? There were merchants long before christ arrived on the scene as predicted by John preaching (proselytizing) in the desert. Advertising had obviously already been invented qnd so had trade over long distances. What was new with the christians? Why did the Romans want to feed them to the lions? Was christianity just a sophisticated vehicle for predatory exploitation?

I have never been comfortable with the charge against capitalism as an instrument of exploitation. What the four topics have in common is that they are ideas that, in one way or another are employed to distort (pervert) tangible reality.

Africans were captured and turned into property via a commercial transaction. Moreover, the designation of human as property persists in the U.S. commercial culture. And, as it ever was, commercial law is being used to effect the violation of human beings. The original sin continues as the foundation of christianity, which tells us that the sale of Joseph into Egypt by his brothers was a necessary antecedent to salvation.

Those who would not be saved from this hypocrisy resent the U.S.

Did the Founders aim to constrain the agents of government by insisting that all action be in response to demands for service or intervention? Has the commercial class managed to evade this restraint by hijacking any moral intent to serve commerce–i.e. sophisticated theft?

Commerce is the material manifestation of evil. Instead of attacking the World Trade Center bin Laden should have gone after the Chamber of Commerce. There are just too many of them.

I have always been taken by the fact that in German “Laden” means store.