Toilet Paper USA

I am not sure where the USA fixation with toilet paper comes from. Why is draping it through trees and bushes considered a clever trick? Now it seems organizing people who think on that level is the authoritarian forte. The adults haranguing the Turning Point youth ought to be ashamed of themselves. Pedophiles, abusing the minds of youth rather than their nether regions.

“Words can never hurt me.” Famous last words? Poor Donald is evidence they can sure screw up a life.

Is stringent potty training the key to authoritarianism? So, did the introduction of pampers negate the authoritarian patterning?

Does anyone remember how they were potty trained? I don’t. But I do remember that we had little potty chairs for our kids and they got used to using them before they learned to climb into the high chair for meals.

Today I apologized for having failed to prepare my children for the culture of obedience. So, all three turned out misfits in one way or another.