Telling tales

What is the likelihood that telling tales about wise men and prophets was part of the merchants’ spiel as they traversed the Mediterranean Sea from east to west? Jesus’ associates were fishermen with boats, but his familiarity with business practices is telling. Is monotheism the progenitor of authoritarianism?

And whence came male hegemony? Are the subordinate roles of Mary, Martha and Mary Magdalen more telling than if women had not been mentioned at all? Was christianity invented by the commercial class? Why do the middlemen get so little attention? Are monotheists simply monopolists? Is monopoly merely the objective of the lazy predator? Is thievery a male ideal and religion just a fanciful justification?

Yes, the merchant is engaged in a sort of theft, offering something he does not want to an uncertain buyer by making up a story of value. If one has a surplus, why not just share it? The incompetent never has a surplus. Indeed, he cannot survive, if he is unable to con a share.