Authoritarian disaffection

It’s not just Christians that restrict women. Islam is an “improvement” of christianity. Which may account for why they prefer women to be veiled and never let out of the house alone. But, woman is an unmentionable. Since every man is born of woman, it would be unseemly to mention the disaffection. Ah, perhaps ‘disaffection’ is a better word than disfemism. ‘Authoritarian disaffection’ How’s that for a description of what the supremacists are about?

Authoritarian disaffection can be experienced by anyone. Indeed it would seem to be the natural response to coerced obedience.

When my mother said “Komst Du nicht willig dann brauch ich Gewalt” it was always sort of silly since I was five inches taller than she by the age of twelve

Reading about Trypillia in Ukraine and the theory that early societies in the region were ruled by women, I am led to wonder why the subjugation of women seems so important, as well as the soutce of the notion that reproduction is a key to that subservience. Whence the desire to dominate? ‘Tis a puzzlement