Illicit, illegal and unlawful all refer to actions which re undesired because they do not conform to some law. They do not describe injurious or criminal behavior. Rather, they violate ab assumption (for which there is no legal basis) that all enterprise is properly consistent with some governmental regulation. In fact, at least under the U.S. Constitution, agents of government have no lief to hinder or assist unless
asked. Which is why they have invented a complex network of bribes to induce compliance with state directives.

Copy right is perhaps the least noxious. Utility and trade monopolies are detrimental as experience has proved. The Texas energy grid is pehaps the best recent example of public deteiment.

One has to wonder to what extent regulatory preference has stymied competition, exhausted resources and reduced diversity. Whence comes the fixation on monopoly? Monopoly vs. diversity. Is it just a matter of power and control?

Btw, how did it happen that a nation’s economy is defined by activities conducted under law? Given that the legal framework is restricted to property and commerce, are we to conclude that moral/social considerations have no support in the law? Equity, honesty, fraternity are externalities to be ignored?

Then one is moved to consider at what point the amoral order evolved into the immoral. When did the presumption of probity get lost?