Way to alienate a majority of the population

FACT: human reproduction is hazardous to the female
FACT: sexual self-gratification is more reliable and satisfying than intercourse
FACT: reproduction is necessary for the survival of the species; all individuals expire
FACT: coerced reproduction does not ensure the individual fetus’ survival
FACT: abortion is a natural process, not subject to human law

Am I disgusted? Not really. This is another agenda that is destined to fail. Female autonomy is a survivalist response to the evident failure of male hegemony. Compliance is not fostered by threats, but by nurture and care.

So what we had in the Founders was a bunch of guys, including Madison, who took the intent for the act. They added the Ninth Amendment to assert that prior protections of rights would not be limiting. But, there was no prior protection of rights; there was an injunction against infringement. The existence of personal and natural rights was assumed, but not spelled out. Which is probably just as well.

Perhaps what we need is not an equal rights amendment, but a human rights amendment.

Conservatives are highlighting the Constitution’s flaws. Inveighing against them does not correct the flaws.