Vocal influence: does aural input inform prejudice?

In a study which suggests that Supreme Court decisions are affected by the perceived level of masculinity in the advocate for the petitioner, the researchers also state:

In the US, there are four main cultural discourses of masculinity [56]: gender difference, which pertains to categorical difference in biology and behavior between men and women; heterosexism, which sees being masculine as to sexually desire women and not men; dominance, which links masculinity with notions of authority or power; and male solidarity, which assumes as given a bond among men.

Which leads me to obsrve that, yes there is a male bond, but it is as likely to be posiive as negative. While many males have no trouble ignoring females, ignoring each other is almost impossible. The fixation on Trump is evidence.

“voice-based snap judgments” I’d suggest that already starts in utero. It would certainly explain why I could never stand my mother’s voice.