Corporate favoritism

Why does most federal and state legislation favor corporate and ownership interests? Because it is an article of faith that persons have to be bribed to comply with public directives to provide information and follow regulations. The distinction between natural and artificial persons has not been sufficiently recognized.

If it were recognized, then that authorizing entities are ipso facto entitled to not only regulate but restrict the operations of what they have created would be obvious. Artificial persons are not autonomous, nor should they be expected to be. Indeed, since they lack a moral sense, their functions need to be minutely directed. The accumulation of currency is by no means a measure of success, much less an indicator of benefits provided.

Substituting a symbol for reality may be convenient for accounting purposes, but not if the symbols are disconnected from reality. Imagine sending a thousand birthday greetings to the spouse of the recently deceased. It’s a short distance from disconnected to perverse.