On male fragility

I compsed this as a comment on FB, but had to do it in a memo because the FB page times out, if one stays too long. Well, either than, or the site is programmed to cancel certain words.

Anyway, in response to the suggestion that fear of AI by white males is not about AI, but about their fear of the feminine, I offered the following.

Male humans are physically more fragile than females. More male infants die in the first two years.
However, as we also know that maternal prenatal and perinatal care is “better” for white women, we can reasonably conclude that more white male babies survive a difficult birth.
While there are many causes for reproductive failure (50% of fertilized ova are aborted as flawed before or soon after implantatiom), difficult births are often the natural consequence of increasing cranial dimensions conflicting with the relatively fixed dimension of the female pelvis mandated by our upright stance and bipedal locomotion. Moreoever, this conflict is likely exacerbated by dimorphism and the male preference for smaller and smaller-boned mates (and the female preference for larger protectors).
Additionally, it has recently been discovered that the birth process is naturally initiated by changes in the hormonal balance in the fetal brain. Which suggests that induced or surgical deliveries consistent with the schedules of care providers, may be premature from the fetal perspective.
Finally, although we have been aware that the fetus in utero is receptive to sensory input (sort of like bird chicks “learning” their parents’ song while they are still in the egg?), the record of a difficult birth left in the amygdela, before the development of the cognitive brain is even complete, may well be determinative and leave a permanent imprint of fear, which the cognitive brain is at a loss to explain. Irrational fear……of the gender that birthed them? Irrational antagonism towards the sound of one’s mother’s voice? How do we account for that? Do we even think of it? Who knows the conditions of his/her birth? Letting out a cry is supposed to be a positive sign. Imagine the double burden of both being helpless and feeling helpless…….and unwanted? Is it any wonder that females want to be in charge and males do not trust them?