Google street view

It is not ubiquitous. I have noticed this before and assumed it was a matter of perceived public interest in a particular location. Iraq still has almost no coverage. Siberia has more, even in the city of Severodvinsk, a restricted area because of its military installation.

However, it seems that governmental permission is required and German cities seem disinclined to give it for residential subdivisions. At least, that is the case for Munich and Augsburg suburban developments. Street view stops short and in some areas where coverage looks to be continuous, the program substitutes agricultural views for residential areas.

Of course, Google maps have always been inaccurate. Visitors to our island do not find us, if they rely on Google’s directions. It had not occurred to me that inaccuracies might be intentional.

One suspects Moscow is proud of its nuclear facilities. And the people who live there have uploaded lots of images of their neighborhood attractions.

I will have to look up what the syllable “severo” means since it also shows up in Severodonetsk in Ukraine.