On John MCain

Steve Schmidt is younger than our youngest. So, of course, he knew nothing of John McCain in the early eighties when he was hoping to be selected as Vice President, nor even that he set up the International Republican Institute to run his own foreign policy shop with the assistance of the dirty tricksters, Manafort and Davis and Stone, the rats who swam away from Watergate.


I sort of dout that this audio will be available. But, eventually, Schmidt should come to realize that McCain was shot down because he left the formation; was given special treatment by Vietnam because his father was an admiral and came back to abandon his wife and make a new life with an heiress.

When his fellow captives were prepared to expose his character in 2003, his cronies organized the Swiftboat Veterans to go against Kerry, whose brother had competitive financial interests in southeast Asia. Indeed, McCain did everything he could to help GWB.Then he expected to get his heart’s desire in 2008 by promising to “bomb Iran.” We heard him in person in Rochester, NH.

Cindy McCain brought home an orphan from southeast Asia and adopted her. During the 2004 campaign someone spread the rumor in South Carolina that McCain had fathered the child. For all anyone knows, the McCains thought it a good idea. After all Thurmond’s sexual adventures had not hurt him. Truth was that flip-flop Kerry’s heart was not in the effort and Bush got a second term.

McCain botched the 2008 effort by pandering to the female vote with Palin, the bimbo from Alaska, failing to recognize that gender is much more important than race. Joe Biden knows. That’s why he picked Harris. He’s still making up for Anita Hill. Clarence Thomas will be harder to fix.