The Perversion of Christianity

Christianity is a perversion of Jesus Christ’s perspective. it resulted from a substitution of the insubstantial for the transformation of substance. Transformation is a creative process that interacts with reality. The insubstantial is a figment of the imagination, the idea which Plato aslo posited as preceding reality. Idealists take it one step further in being content to have an idea and forgetting all about the transformation of the real.

Something seems strange about this scenario. If the idealists don’t do anything, how do things get done? How, even more significant, do mistakes get made? The answer, it seems, is that the realists step in and implement the idea. Then they get blamed and the irresponsible get to formulate ideas again.

Is this an inevitable pattern? As long as we consider obedience a sumum bonum, the answer would seem to be yes.

Perversion is also what happened to democracy. Authoritarianism is an enhanced version of idealism–enhanced by the addition of force.