I have had the impression for some time that my comments are moderated and sometimes removed by a page refreshing before I am done writing. Other times length seems no criterion.

However, here is a comment I am sure I left on someone’s post and it did not stick.

Funny. I am sure I remember commenting on this already. Anyway, “protection” is a suspect concept because it presumes a continuing condition, rather than its elimination or termination. What we need is a human rights amendment which places natural rights, including those of children, front and center. As it stands, the Constitution is fixated on property–that which is owned. The U.S. is an ownership society, as GWB proclaimed, but property rights are a weak substitute for human rights.

Do FB members have the option of blocking the comments from certain people? Although the poster comments frequently on my posts, I rarely respond because I am not interested in arguing. Which is not the same as prompting discussion. I frequently present an opposing view to promote discussion if people find it worth while.