Where did the Cons come from?

These people were suggested by folks on Capitol Hill who have an interest in not being second-guessed or hauled up short by the court. Fact is Congress can only legislate the behavior of governmental entities and subsidiaries whose creation they authorize. That is why the level of restriction that is to be provided to health care providers is being considered. Legislators, who are supposed to be public servants, have found it useful to rely on corporate entities to exert influence over the people whose ballots elect them. Part of this unspoken bargain has been the extension of benefits (contracts for services, access to natural resources, land grnats, fishing rights, etc.) to ensure that support. Talk of tax cuts to businesses are actually reminders that benefits and preferences are in jeopardy, if business does not deliver at the ballot box, which, when there are only two factions, determines the allocation of power on Capitol Hill. Recently, as the old guard has been retired and more women and minorities have been hired by dissident citizens, the focus has changed to direct intimidation of segments of the electorate, which has discovered that it can control the electoral process from beginning to end. Georgia is the poster child. Neither Ossoff nor Warnock were picked by the political operatives. The two democratic Senators were winnowed from 30 candidates through three elections. That is the story the political professionals do not want told. The political campaign operatives remind me of the resort workers who used to migrate following the tourists. They have no loyalty to persons or place.