USA is into delusion

Delusion, not illusion. And people like it that way. Indeed, frivolity in the arts serves to disguise this reality. Think troll dolls. Why would anyone make such ugly things, if not to disguise reality? What reality? That the humans for whom dolls are usually made, children, are disposable in the US.

Children are disposable in the U.S. Why else would it be possible to consider children killing themselves to be mysterious? It is well known that there is a track from schools to prison. But, the general assumption is that those on the track.are evidence of their own failure. And that is true. Their level of compliance has been inadequate. The chattel have not earned their emancipation.

Now it seems that Russians and U.S. Republicans are subject to the same delusion; i.e. that Republic is actually short for rex publio, a kinged people. This also seems to account for the designation of supporters of the Ukrainian nation as Nazis. Nazi is short for nation, an organic body of people, as opposed to the artificial construct or federation. A united nation, based on consent is, of course, inconsistent with one that is constrained. Coerced consent versus voluntary is where liberty is defined.