Is the concept restricted to a person who promises to correct or compensate for the distresses of human existence or is it a simple con (deception) designed to justify subordination of one’s own kind? Is subordination an intellectual construct that evolved from the practice of herding–a necessary modification of the perception of one’s own kind when herding behavior was directed towards men?

Herding one’s own kind rather than cattle or sheep would have to be justified to gain compliance. Birds flock and fish school because it is individually beneficial behavior. Outliers tends to get picked off or get less nutrition. So, the behaviors are functionally determined. There is no benefit to be derived from human grouping, only a slightly less chance of being attacked by one’s own kind.

Each human is different from every other. But this is likely not a unique characteristic. Examined closely, it is likely that every organic entity (e.g. every leaf) is dofferent from every other. So, the question is why are humans inclined to be bothered by difference? Why are they keen to coerce reality into similar groupings? Is it presumed that similarity makes manipulation easier?

And what is the benefit of manipulation? A sense of potency and superiority?

Anyway, what I meant to focus on today is the reliance on surrogacy to both achieve and deny supremacy. “Not my will, but thy will be done.” Triangulation does more than serve to disguise responsibility; it also disguises the lust for power. Is victim blaming a kind of surrogacy? Is surrogacy an example of power masquerading as humility? Is it intentional os just habit? Habit in the presence of a cognitive flaw?