Forum Update

Dear Friends of SLEAT,
Because of either operator or mechanical error, I ended up with only the final minutes of the two hour forum on camera. So, no video excerpts are forthcoming.

However, it would have been very difficult to compile rational examples of the candidates’ presentations anyway, mainly because the military veterans, perhaps by training, proved to be moving targets during their presentations. The movie camera normally likes to record motion, but people just moving back and forth tend to distract from what is being said. Also, while rapid shouting may focus the attention of troops, I do not think it is persuasive of a civilian audience. The lawyerly style is more persuasive.

All of the candidates who participated (our current Congressman, despite several reminders, could not be bothered with presenting to his employers) kept to the main topic, our natural environment. But none was able to articulate how the national legislative body can redirect the noxious emissions and waste produced by corporate enterprise. That the behavior of artificial persons (corporations and companies) are subject to legislative direction, much as the Constitution directs the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our governmental entities, is not at the forefront of their thinking.

Carrots (incentives) for good behavior were brought up by several members of the audience in sometimes lively discussion. I think the participants found the event worth while and there was general agreement in the end that the eventual nominee of the democrats should enjoy support from all.

All of the candidates (Joyce Griggs, Wade Herring and Michelle Munroe) and the members of the audience owe a vote of thanks to Margaret Coker for her expert moderation of the event. Also, the questions from many members of the audience were much appreciated. Thanks also to the Smith boys for their assistance with the logistics.