Pity Panders, Sorrow Mongers and Disaster Mavens

What’s the point? People feeding on distress as if they were vultures cleaning up after the predatory hawks. Except, humans being multitaskers, they mimic both the hawk and the vulture.

Perhaps it is not fair to identify human behavior as based on primitive patterns, but the temporal lobes are obviously add-ons and not even necessary to survival. Indeed, I would argue that, in a pinch, the linkage goes missing. We end up, not with bi-polar people, but people whose instincts and intents run on separate tracks. Imagine a passenger train on one track making frequent stops to see the sights and let people on and off while a freight flies by on another like a bat out of hell.

Will they ever collide? Not likely. Is the freight bound to crash? Who can tell?

How did I get from vultures to trains? Ask the brain. All I know is I eat to live, not to mourn.

Is feeding on distress worse than causing it?