Perdue on Saint Simons

David Perdue is making a campaign stop on Saint Simons where he no longer lives because he sold his house for eight million more than it was worth. So, he’s got money to waste on another election.

The campaign event was hosted by a new faction: We the People of Southeast Georgia” clear evidence that the Republican faction is disintegrating. Perdue, the lost, asserts that the reason he was not retained in the U.S.Senate seat he occupied was because Republicans did not vote.

Georgia Republicans were accustomed to voting just once, in the primary, so the hunting season would not be interrupted. In 2020, they had to vote again in November. Being expected to vote again in January was just too much to ask.

Perdue claims to have lost something (Georgia) that was not his to lose. Why is it that hierarchists do not understand how a hierarchy works? Why do they imagine that being hired is comparable to being born a king? Do they simply not understand that the role of a public servant is to be used, and even occasionally abused?

Yes, Donald Trump was not hired by Georgians because 22,000 voters did not vote for President of the U.S. even as they cast votes for down-ballot candidates. 50,000+ voted for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate. It is likely that none of those abstainers identified as Democrats. Of course, when there are over four million voters, a hundred thousand here or there do not matter, until they do.

Disaffected voters. Are they going to be energized by seeing others removed from the rolls? Are they going to be enthused by having their elders disenfranchised because they are too feeble to wait in line? Eventually, the lust for power that infected the Republican faction will get its comeuppance.

While I think making voting a year-round topic will increase participation, pretending that an obligation is a privilege is going to backfire. Perhaps it is a marketing problem. The commercial sector has long banked on increasing monetary profit by making goods artificially scarce. But, while dollars and ballots also have common that they are inherently worthless, making them scarce does not increase their value. The worthless does not become worth more by making less.

It is my guess that Richard Nixon did not consider he was making the dollar worthless when he severed its ties to gold. Indeed, Nixon did not think much about consequences. His hiring choices were consequently disastrous and his memory of firing Sherman Adams over a fur coat wrong.

The Republican faction has been a disaster for a long time.