More on the Capitolians

Capitol Hill advantages corporate enterprise because the commerce clause gives them the power and they have come to rely on corporate clout to insure their retention in office.

Legislatures were intended to provide direction and supervision to the judiciary and the executive. A long standing habit of taking intent for agency has distorted our perception of reality. I started with calling the prohibition enumerated in the amendments, which were designed to prohibit certain (historically familiar) behaviors, a bill of rights to create the impression that person, press and religion were protected from official interference, when, in fact, the majority of the human population (natives, women, children and slaves) were subject to ownership, abuse and extermination at will.. Commerce (import and export) was to be protected. After all, it was the merchants who had instigated the separation under false pretense. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a pseudonym, “it is good to be shifty in a new country.” And shifty Americans have been, fueled by a steady flow of resentful migrants. Why are they resentful? Because the promised land is not flowing with milk and honey; the streets are not paved with gold and often not paved at all; and the truth is that they were not wanted at home. Is it better to be captured and sold or tricked into leaving home?