Another tack on disfemism

Antagonism towards various minority groups has, in a sense, become safe. It is decried, but it is expected and accepted.

Antagonism towards the entire electorate or even the distaff majority would not go over well. However, fact is that in Georgia, 22,000 voters did not vote for president at all and 63,000 vote for the woman, Jen Jorgensen. So, Trump looking for 12,000 votes was just a ploy to distract the press coverage. Identifying women as the population that is to be discouraged from voting would not be politic.

David Perdue tried making fun of Kamala Harris and was shut down. People are not impressed with the female token proposed by Republicans, either. So Loeffler was replaced by a white male.

Republicans have a long-standing habit of proposing tokens for public office. Indeed, most of their candidates are tokens because that is what they prefer–figureheads–so power can be wielded by the commercial class behind the scenes. “The business of America is business.” Letting money be the deciding factor has the advantage of letting moral considerations be left out. If less cost is good and more cost is bad, then it does not matter what is being bought. Think of all the evil Trump got away with because he only took money.