Comment on SCOTUS split decision on vaccine mandate

Keep in mind that the authoritarian mind-set is top down, the antithesis of what the Constitution calls for. The authoritarian interest has been maintained via a compromise: the control of natural persons via subsidiary corporations, which have been privileged by legislation under the guise that they are private entities.

The OSHA regulation to benefit natural persons, rather than the corporation’s success, risks exposing the perversion that is the pretense that corporations ARE NOT SUBIDIARIES of the governmental entities that authorize their establishment and privileged operation. Authoritarians refer to the threat of government by the people as populism.
Oddly, it was the commerce clause which guarantees open borders for trade which was used as the wedge to prohibit discrimination against the traveling public. Now a virus is serving to extend protection to sick people. Will healthy people be next? Not if authoritarians cen help it. The top down social structure must be maintained. They are philosophically committed to it because the prospect of high social status is supposed to encourage flawed human beings to give up their sinful and slovenly ways.