Montana AG challenge of state supreme court

An interesting issue. The Florida Supreme Court routinrly issues advisory opinions on pending legislative or executive action. That is how the Bush/Gore thing got started into the judicial system. Since that would not work in all the contested states, Republicans tried to suborn the legislative role (designation of electors) in 2020. The authoritarian interest is to negate the influence of the public. They want a top-down, not a bottom-up governmental structure. They call their antithesis populism. “Trickle down” relied on the currency maintaining the desired structure. It eventually failed because the trickle turned into a drip because of a dam and then the dam burst.

In Montana, prejudgement of legislative proposals seems to be an informal process via email communications which lawyers all over the country seem to think are exempt from disclosure by attorney/client privilege. The SCOTUS has already ruled that electronic mail is a document, just like the hard copy. In Georgia a subpoena cannot be delivered electronically.

AGs all over the country seem to be newly focused on the fact that the branches are to monitor each other, not the citizenry.